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In 2008 the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) set up a project to understand the relationship between the school environment and fundamental shifts in education that were rapidly establishing themselves as a priority, globally.

The aim was for the project, Space for Personalised Learning, to identify the spatial features that supported schools in their ability to deliver the new ways of learning and make widely available detailed information on the design interventions - and the ways of arriving at them - that had been shown to achieve the desired change.

This site compiles the output, including a final summary report, an interactive guide to the design process used by the team, facilitator guides and tools, and raw output files from the various pilot projects.

The process

The S4PL process guide will take you on a step-by-step route through all the elements of the process most suitable to the scale of your project. At each stage you access the relevant tools and methodologies to support you.

The process guide is structured around three scales of project. To start, please select the scale of project which best reflects the type of project you are embarking on

Large-scale An entire large school, including suites. Usually secondary focussed, or large primaries

Medium-scale Either an entire small primary, a small school, or one suite within a large secondary school

Small-scale The design or fit out of one scene or a very small number of scenes
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